River Dunes Residents Help Out at Clean Up the Neuse Day

An energetic group of River Dunes residents pitched in to help out at the recent Neuse River Cleanup Day.These folks volunteered their time to help clean up the Neuse shoreline in areas just outside of River Dunes.Many thanks to our wonderful residents who are great stewards of the beautiful waterfront Mother Nature has provided us here in coastal North Carolina!

Look! In the sky…

It’s a Bald Eagle! Over lunch, Will & Linda discovered we had a transient guest watching over Grace Harbor. Baldie swooped around the harbor twice, sat in a pine tree at the corner of the Channel and the Harbor for about ten minutes, then took off and headed out of Grace Channel and towards Mill Creek.

Here’s to a repeat performance! Keep your eyes on the sky for our newest resident.

Sorry for the grainy picture, but we opted to photograph from The Landing, to avoid disturbing the bird.

Simply Messing About the Boats…

JC spotted these river otters scampering down the transient dock.

They apparently didn’t like the turn of the Flemish Flake… They spent about fifteen minutes playing on the gangway and chasing each other up and down the dock before heading back overboard.

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” – Ratty, from Wind in the Willows
We’re quite glad the otters just like to mess about, and not in, the boats!

River Dunes Featured by Coastal Conservation Association

The Partnership between River Dunes & CCA of NC is featured in the current issue of TIDE, the official national publication of the Coastal Conservation Association.

…”Experience the beauty of the Pamlico Sound and support marine conservation at the same time. River Dunes offers quaint cottages, dockside dining and an opportunity to experience great fishing in grand style. CCA NC members can book a charter with one of the premier guides in eastern North Carolina to ensure the best chance of ‘running with the bulls.’ [Redfish or Red Drum Fishing]”

For the Fall Fishing Season, River Dunes offered a special discount to CCA members with a portion of the proceeds going back to the Coastal Conservation Association to preserve, promote, and enhance our coastal resources.

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Fencing Protects Natural Wetland

Recently, fencing has been installed along a stretch of Homestead Road in the Broadwaters neighborhood of River Dunes.In keeping with the developer’s policy of careful environmental stewardship, the fencing is designed to offer protection for an area of natural wetlands that is a habitat for coastal vegetation and wildlife.River Dunes has won numerous awards for its sustainability and environmentally friendly land plan.

Read about River Dunes Environmental Award from Developer Magazine

River Dunes participating in Oyster Shell Recycling

Building on a legacy of environmental stewarship, the community of River Dunes will be participating in the NC Division of Marine Fisheries Oyster Recycling Program.Residents and guests will be offered two spots in the community to drop off shells.Our recycling service will pick them up and deliver them to the designated collection spot near the community.

The shells will be deposited in brackish water locations, and new oyster reefs will quickly colonize.NC Marine Fisheries has instituted this program to increase oyster production and provide habitats for other beneficial marine organisms. Additionally, oysters filter 50 gallons of water a day, so they contribute organically to cleaner water.

Find out more about Oyster Recycling

Ready for Oyster Season at River Dunes

One of the favorite gathering spots at River Dunes is the Lakehouse Oyster Table.Now that oyster season has arrived, the table has been outfitted with some new lights. This unique table is designed with an opening that allows oyster shells to fall directly into a recycling can. River Dunes will be participating in the NC Marine Fisheries Oyster Shell Recycling Program that renourishes the habitats of one of our most delectable NC shellfish.