Spa Announces New Schedule!

We are excited to announce the following regular hours at the Spa, starting this week:

  • *Thursday 1-5pm
  • *Friday – Sunday 10am-5pm
  •  *All spa services may be not be available at all times. Services are based on therapist availability.

To schedule an appointment:


phone: (252) 671-9006

Naturopathica now available at the Spa

To celebrate the introduction of Naturopathica at the Spa, drop by this Sunday, July 1 from 10am – 1pm for free samples of our entire line of Naturopathica products.  

About Naturopathica

Naturopathica seeks to inspire healthy lifestyles with products and well-being rituals that put pleasure, warmth and simplicity into caring for yourself.

The Naturopathica name stems from naturopathic medicine which emphasizes healing with natural therapies and honors several core principles of naturopathic medicine in their work:

  • The Healing Power of Nature: We believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.
  • Do No Harm: We never use toxic ingredients that could be detrimental to the health of the individual or irritating ingredients that engage the body’s immune system in low-grade chronic inflammation.
  • Treat the Cause: We address the root causative factors to treat an imbalance.
  • Holistic Approach: Skin disturbances have multiple origins including the mind, body and spirit, each of which must be addressed.
  • Prevention: We focus on preventing imbalances with a good skin care regimen instead of treating symptoms.

In following these principles, Naturopathica creates safe and effective products and spa experiences that promote health and beauty.

Naturopathica Products

Naturopathica’s Skin Care collection is designed to address inflammation, the primary cause of premature aging in skin, using proven botanical ingredients and clean cosmeceuticals to deliver results.

Their Body Care and Herbal Remedies bring wellness full circle, combining traditional healing practices with modern inspiration to promote skin radiance, relieve stress, restore sore muscles and enhance vitality.

Naturopathica Spa Experiences

Naturopathica helps deliver unforgettable spa experiences through unique and sensorial spa treatments. Naturopathica facial treatments are clinically formulated to stimulate, firm and brighten skin without harmful synthetic ingredients. Naturopathica Massages are deeply therapeutic treatments combining the best massage therapy techniques with traditional healing practices using clinical-grade essential oils and plant extracts to balance and heal the body.