New Custom Home Construction

It’s always exciting to see new homes underway.Here at River Dunes, there are several homes in different neighborhoods that are in various stages of construction.Some are nearing completion, while others are just breaking ground and getting their homesites prepared.Architectural review and building in River Dunes is an easy process, due to the experience and great customer service offered by our Master Builder Team.

Staged building, construction of a garage or guesthouse, seen below, is allowed on certain homesites in the community, offering the owner the opportunity for immediate use while working on plans for the main house.
Site prep moves along on two addtional homes in Broadwaters and the Harbor Village.

Season’s Greetings from River Dunes

The whole crew at River Dunes wishes you a happy holiday season.

May 2010 bring you steady breezes, calm seas and the fulfillment
of all your hopes and dreams.

Pictured: Louise, Kellie, JC, Robert, Susan, Richard, Ed, Kari, Sherwood, Beth & WillNot Pictured: Kim, Patie, Meredith & Reg

Ballast Point Custom Home Under Construction

A new custom home is under construction in the Ballast Point neighborhood of River Dunes.Every detail of construction is well-planned, from site preparation through final landscaping.All homes go through an Architectural Review process to insure consistency in architectural style.At present, there are ten new homes in various stages of review and construction.The community is excited about our continued growth!

New Trees in the Dunes

New trees are being planted along the new Neuse River road.Homesites are available and building can commence in the Spring of 2010.

For trees this large, we use a tree spade. See photo below.

New Homesites Released

New Homesites are being pruned in the Broadwaters neighborhood on Paris Creek. A boat tour of the new sites is the best way to experience the never-ending water views.

Welcome Back Beth!

(From Beth) Hello from River Dunes! I am “back” after a wonderful maternity leave and wanted to share some summer photos with you.

True to our plan, we spent much of the summer between Oriental and Ocracoke Island, immersing Ella and her big sister, Bonnie, into life on the coast–what fun! I would not be surprised to find salt water in their veins – Ella took to the water and boat with great ease. Just for grins, I have attached some pictures of the family.

Come down and enjoy a weekend on the North Carolina coast. Seafood boils with family and friends, kayaking at sunset, watching the sun set over the harbor– it’s been wonderful. I do hope to find that your summer was everything that you wanted it to be and that your family is thriving. Can’t wait to catch up with you!

Warmest regards,Beth

Road Construction in Neuse River Phase

Road Construction in the Dunes began yesterday afternoon. The road joins Old Lighthouse Road, the paved parkway, near the entrance lake and dunes. Homesites are available and building can commence in the Spring of 2010.