Post-Dorian Update

The River Dunes Crew is thankful to share good news from Grace Harbor. The docks and marina basin performed as designed. Neighbors are reporting minimal damage to landscaping but homes and structures look fine.

The Marina Manager has walked and reopened the docks, with no damage to report. We didn’t have water in the Village, Club or homes. The marina performed as it was designed. Cleanup is already underway. 

Photos from Today, Friday, Sept 6th, after Dorian passed.

River Dunes does not yet have power, but it’s on in Bayboro, ten minutes up the road. Utility crews have been hard at work getting everything running.  The Club, Yawl’s Cafe, Fuel Dock and Club Amenities are prepared to reopen when power is restored.

This storm’s track and speed largely spared the surrounding area from the effects seen during Florence. Roads are open and clear; the sun is shining; and the surrounding area is in much better shape overall.  We hope that the news is good for you and your families, wherever they may be.  

Our thoughts are with our friends, colleagues and all those affected along the East Coast and Bahamas.