Meet the Fiddler Crab!⁠
If you’ve walked down the creek bank or river docks in River Dunes there is a fair chance that you have seen one of these little guys scurrying around. They live below the surface of the sandy marsh soil, burrowing down two and three feet until they stop to make their homes. All we see on the surface are little holes in the mud.. but they see their front doors!⁠

Fiddler crabs are very social creatures that live in large colonies. However; should you run into one of the male crabs you may not think he is very friendly. He will probably wave his huge Popeye-esque claw up and down at you as if to say, “I can take you on with one claw tied behind my shell.” If that happens, don’t worry, that is just his way of finding a lady crab to court.. flexing his muscles, if you will.⁠

Next time you are walking around as the tide is low, keep your eyes open for these crustacean friends of River Dunes!⁠

Uploaded from: @RiverDunesNC Instagram