Artist in Residence: Tommy Midyette

River Dunes is proud to welcome Tommy Midyette as our first Artist in Residence. 

Midyette is a graduate of NCSU College of Design and has been painting for over 30 years. He will be in the Harbor Club the first and last weekend of February while he paints a landscape portrait of our community. He will have his art on display in the Club throughout the entire month. His art will be for sale and a blind auction will be held on the evening of First Friday in March, where a portion of the proceeds will go to a local charity.

Artist Biography:

I am a full time artist living in Raleigh, but many of my ancestors are from eastern NC. Some of my family members are currently living in Oriental. From a very young age, I have enjoyed entertaining myself through painting or drawing.  It’s just fun to watch a picture develop and to be in control of it. In high school, I took 3 years of art and felt at home in that classroom. When it was time to choose a major in college, I went with graphic design. They taught me all about the concepts behind good design. Soon after graduating, I started painting portraits of people in 1987.  Nowadays, I also paint or draw portraits of pets, houses, boats, etc. But really, I can be commissioned to paint or draw any subject. I’ve also been hired to paint murals, signs and décor art. However, I don’t get a chance to paint inanimate objects very often. When I have found the extra time, I’ve done paintings for art galleries or cafés to sell. One of my paintings is hanging in the Governor’s mansion. In February, Our State magazine will include my oil painting of downtown Raleigh in it’s issue.