The earliest relatives of dragonflies can be found in fossil records dating as far back as 325 million years ago, around the Jurassic Period. At that time some of them had a wingspan of about 2.5 feet! Of course, today s dragonflies are nowhere near that size thankfully.

You can find these little guys hanging out in clusters between May and August in North Carolina. They are fast, agile fliers, and have the capability to cross an ocean if they desire, but most follow a flight path that brings them over ponds and pools of standing water.

Throughout history, various cultural beliefs have be attached to the dragonfly. Folklore deems that spotting a dragonfly will bring a positive transformation your way in the form of good luck. If one lands on you it may be fast but hopefully it will bring you luck that lasts.

Next time you are walking around River Dunes at sunset keep your eye to the horizon and you just might see one of them zip by!